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Accounts payable automation

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Streamline your accounts payable processes with Open Bee

Automate every phase of vendor invoice processing; from reception of the original document to the creation of an accounting book entry.

Time and cost savings, streamlined, accurate processing, easy acces to data, real-time monitoring and greater control… the benefits of managing vendor invoices are numerous.

Combine document capture and advanced imaging technology

with workflow capabilities to empower your finance department

  • Multi-channel Capture: both paper and emailed invoices are seamlessly captured
  • Intelligent recognition:  OCR, Semantic analysis and deep learning software examine invoices, capturing all relevant data, including line items
  • Financial ERP integration: Direct integration with the ERP system via either formatted output files or dedicated connectors.
  • Approval Workflow: Invoices are gathered into a workflow, and automatically sent to managers to review and approve.
  • Automatic linking: Purchase orders, supplier invoices, and delivery orders are automatically matched by the software to ease the approval process
  • Archive: Invoice images and corresponding audit trail transactions are recorded within the legal preservation document management system


Achieve faster, more precise invoice processing

  • Eliminate manual keying in of Information and associated errors
  • Reduce process cycle times by more than 70 percent
  • Save significant amount of money in operational costs (Cost per invoice reduced by 60%)
  • Enjoy a Return On Investment realized in 3 to 6 months
  • Gain increased visibility into processes thanks to a full audit trail and real-time information
  • Eliminate duplicate payments
  • Reduce paper dependency

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