Contract safely online
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Boost your documents signing

With the electronic signature solution

DMS software Open Bee

Contract safely online

Sign your documents online and in conformity to the european norms

(eIDAS regulation)

The electronic signature allows you to sign your contract documents online with all your teammates and professional contacts, from any device : laptop, smartphone, tablet. It guarantees a reliable identification and the integrity of the signed documents.

Make document signing easy

A digital platform which meets your needs

  • Remote contractualization.
  • Saved time and reduced costs by deleting the printing and the physical send of your documents.
  • Reinforced security, each signature is protected by an inviolability stamp.
  • Strengthened traceability by an on-time state of your document’s signatures.

Illimited uses for all your company’s departments

  • Human resources : boost your hiring processes by sharing and signing your working contracts online with your new employees
  • Sales administration : simplify your quotes, business proposals and GSC’s confirmations with your customers and business partners.
  • Legal : enhance your legal documents approval’s process (contracts, amendment, convocations, etc.)
Electronic Signature

Benefit from a global digital platform

Create you own processes by associating the electronic signature to other Open Bee platform’s key modules.

  • Clarify your document’s approval processes, signatures and notifications with our workflow engine.
  • Follow in real-time the state of your documents to sign off.
  • Archive your signed documents in an electronic safe vault certified NF LOGICIEL – CCFN FN 203, to provide a long shelf-life.

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