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Sales DMS

How to find and share the content

The dispersal of various customer-related documents (contracts, quotations, purchase orders, invoices, etc.) or sales-related documents (catalogues, price lists, etc.) throughout various departments can lead to a number of inconveniences.

Enhance the visibility, sharing and management of your sales information with Open Bee™ solutions.

Centralize all of your information at a single point

Find all documents exchanged with your customers, whatever their origin : sales management, email, Word, paper, etc. In an organized tree structure made up of folders and sub-folders.
Set up a document Intranet to distribute all sales and marketing information among your employees.
Protect yourself from obsolescence and the loss of documents !

  • Simplified archiving and filing of documents
  • Increased productivity with fast searches
  • Access to all company information at all times

Increase the agility of your employees

Enhance the mobility of your sales staff by providing rapid access to customer files and sales information, directly on their smartphones and tablets.
Have delivery slips and quotations signed directly on your mobile devices and speed up the management of your orders by removing paper from sales transactions.
Enhance your customer presentations with a modern and intuitive application !

Optimize your customer relationship !

Find all information in a matter of seconds and speed up the order, delivery and dispute management process.
Keep a historical record of document exchanges made with your customers for several years.
Provide your customers with access to all documents concerning them with a secure Extranet.

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