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File Sharing & Document Management for Accountants

Logiciel integration

Facilitate your financial processes

With the DMS software for accounting

Manual management of supplier invoices generates a certain number of inconveniences (lengthy data entry operations, approval times and time-consuming paper filing).

Accelerate Invoice processing with Open Bee

Find out how Open Bee™ Document Management Solutions enable you to process supplier invoices more rapidly and more reliably!

Simplify accounting: automate document recognition

Seamless Integration with cutting-edge technologies

Benefit from the latest automatic document recognition technologies, streamlining your accounting processes. Eliminate the tedious task of manually entering supplier invoice data into your accounting IT system. Our advanced recognition system ensures more accurate and efficient data input, saving you time and reducing the risk of errors.

Centralized document management

Experience the convenience of a centralized electronic repository for all your supplier documents. Say goodbye to scattered paperwork and welcome a unified digital solution. Easily store and retrieve documents in electronic form, providing instant access whenever you need them. This centralized approach enhances organization and accessibility, promoting a more efficient workflow.

Efficiently share your information with all your employees or external partners, such as accountants and auditors.

  • Document Management
  • No more manual entry
  • Faster payment approval process
  • Simplified invoice approval

Document Management

Speed up invoice approval

Integrate your supplier invoices in an electronic approval workflow and ensure that they are approved within the set deadlines.
Steer your accounting business with a real-time overview of all invoices, displayed according to their status (pending processing, approved or refused).
Dynamically reconcile your supplier invoices and purchase orders, according to the criteria of your choice: supplier, amount, date, etc.

Reduce your processing costs!

Reduce the average processing cost of a supplier invoice by 60% with Open Bee™ technologies and do away with:

  • Manual entry of accounting records
  • Archiving and searching for documents in paper form
  • Long approval times

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Why dematerialize supplier invoices with our DMS platform?

Dematerializing supplier invoices with Open Bee offers several key benefits. You can increase productivity by freeing up time for more valuable tasks, gain better insight and transparency through real-time dashboard reporting, reduce errors and financial risks, streamline approval processing for faster payments, access information instantly, and enhance data security. Embracing AP invoice automation unlocks productivity, accuracy, and efficiency in your accounts payable process.

How to streamline invoice management with Open Bee DMS?

How does Open Bee™ facilitate collaborative document management for accounting teams?

Can Open Bee™ accommodate customized workflows for specific accounting processes?

How does Open Bee™ integrate with existing accounting software?

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