Streamline your accounts payable processes
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Simplify your accounts payable: how to streamline processes?

Nowadays workplaces, most accounts payable processes remain manual. But manual entries make a long process even more time-consuming, thus increasing the risk of error and the dissatisfaction of your customers. But to stay competitive, business should turn invoicing into a digital and automated process as soon as possible.

Achieve faster, more precise invoice processing electronically

Open Bee’s Accounts Payable solution automates every phase of supplier invoicing, from the approval process of the electronic document to the creation of an accounting book entry in the ERP/accounting software. This improving finance and accounting departments’ staff productivity and increasing cost-savings. Thanks to digital and automation, you can effortlessly and significantly reduce your daily paper files to reach a 100% paperless office, also save much space by ending with filing cabinets.

End-to-end automation for truly touchless accounts payable processes

Open Bee’s automated invoice processing solution brings true AP productivity to your organization. Through our industry-leading AI based capture and recognition engine combining machine and deep learning algorithms with semantic analysis integrated with our document management system. Speed up your invoice processing time, streamline your approval workflows, and achieve unmatched insight into every step of your invoicing process. Thanks to our user-friendly and intuitive collaborative platform available on premise, your company will quickly notice what Return on investment (ROI) it will get: a rapid reduction of operational costs, elimination of inefficient tasks, giving the ability for the co-workers to focus on more added-value missions.

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Enjoy a highly automated, cost-effective and paperless process

Integrating process automation to your day-to-day accounting procedures would surely simplify your Finance and Accounting departments’ job. If you want to learn more about how Open Bee can automate your accounts payable processes, download our datasheet below.

accounts payable processes
Download our datasheet

Enjoy a highly automated, and paperless accounts payable process

Integrating process automation into your day-to-day accounting procedures simplifies the job for your Finance and Accounting departments. Open Bee offers a solution that not only automates supplier invoicing from document approval to ERP/accounting software entry, but also delivers significant benefits.

By embracing digital and automation, you can effortlessly reduce daily paper files, achieving a 100% paperless office and freeing up valuable space by eliminating filing cabinets. Experience a rapid reduction in operational costs and the elimination of inefficient tasks, allowing your coworkers to focus on more value-added missions.

To ensure compliance with French law

As part of the electronic invoice reform in France, the law provides that in 2026, the two billion invoices issued each year in France must be dematerialized. In other words, companies will be required to send and receive invoices in electronic format, marking the end of paper in inter-company exchange flows!

Since January 1, 2020, all French companies already have the obligation to transmit invoices to the public administration in electronic format via the Chorus Pro platform.

With the Open Bee’s Accounts Payable solution, you can easily comply with these legal requirements. Our automated invoice processing solution allows you to generate and send electronic invoices to your suppliers, ensuring seamless communication and compliance with the law.

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