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Imagine a world where your information can travel freely, with total peace of mind

  • A world where your documents can be easily and confidentially shared with your coworkers, your customers or your partners.
  • A world where your information can be viewed, validated and signed without any paper.
  • A world where productivity gains give rise to cost reductions and customer satisfaction.

This world exists! With Open Bee solutions, document management becomes the catalyst of your organization: A fast and secure access to boost project successes.

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DMS – Document Management System

What is Document Management (DMS)?

A Document Management System is a software application for organizing and storing documents electronically. The DMS is now an essential tool for document dematerialization, allowing companies to manage all their documents (paper or electronic) and archive them in secure space(s). As a result, companies have better visibility of their data and can access information in real time from any device (smartphone, computer, or tablet).

Thanks to business process automation and approval workflows, the productivity gains for companies are significant. Depending on the type of document, DMS can be tailored and adapted to meet the expectations and challenges of businesses.

What is Electronic Document Management (EDM)?

What is the difference between DMS and EDM?