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Imagine a world where your information can travel freely, in complete serenity

  • A world where your documents can be easily shared with your collaborators, your customers or your partners in complete confidentiality.
  • A world where your information can be consulted, validated and signed without any paper.
  • A world where productivity gains coexist with cost reductions and customer satisfaction.

This world exists! With Open Bee solutions, document management becomes the catalyst of your organization: A fast and secure access to boost the success of your projects.

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DMS signification

DMS: Document Management System – a software application for organizing and storing documents electronically.

EDM: Electronic Document Management – the use of technology to manage and organize electronic documents and information.

DMS (Document Management System) and EDM (Electronic Document Management) refer to the same thing. They both refer to software systems used to manage and store electronic documents and records. The main purpose of these systems is to help organizations manage their digital documents in an organized, secure, and accessible manner, with features such as version control, indexing, search, and retrieval. The terms DMS and EDM are sometimes used interchangeably, but the main difference between them is that DMS is more commonly used in English-speaking countries, while EDM is more commonly used in French-speaking countries.

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