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Records Management

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Organize, track and store documents for the long term

With records management solution

Thanks to Open Bee, create a document preservation policy and easily organize, preserve, or destroy your documents.

With Open Bee™ digital solutions, you can capture and manage electronic records to free up space in your office, improve information access but also help your whole practice run more efficiently.

Keep your company records up to date in a secure digital environment

  • Index & file your paper documents right from your scanner or MFD,
  • Benefit from advanced search capabilities make it easy to find specific folders and files by meta data, name, file type, date and author,
  • Track every action taken on each document throughout its life cycle,
  • Protect records with AFNOR certified electronic records management.
  • Track and Trace
  • Physical space saving
  • Document Security

Simplify the process of keeping records

Increase efficiency and reduce the risk of non-compliance

  • Manage the digital retention of stored documents according to legal requirements and achieve compliance goals.
  • Back-up your records in a safe place and manage the risk of natural disaster and theft.
  • Easily share files with advisors, auditors or inspectors when needed.

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The records management

Why records management is important?

Records management is crucial because it ensures compliance with regulations, minimizes storage costs, and mitigates legal risks by timely document removal. Electronic-based systems further streamline retention, enhance document accessibility, and significantly cut expenses, promoting operational efficiency.

What are the key steps involved in utilizing Open Bee’s life cycle module for efficient records management?

Why should your company go paperless?

How to digitize your paper archives?

How to manage your documents efficiently with Open Bee?

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