You can finally manage all your files on a single platform!
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You can finally manage all your files on a single platform!

Did you know that the Open Bee DMS platform includes more than 450 features? All combined, they enable you and your teams in all departments of your company to effectively manage all your files, business documents and thus highly perform whatever your industry!

Capture all types of data whatever their source

You are managing a large volume of data each day, incoming from multiple sources: emails, other business applications, third-party Document Management Systems (DMS), MS Office, paper, etc. Everyone would be lost in all this dispersed data. Fortunately, Open Bee’s intelligent capture engine enables on one hand to capture information directly from other tools (MFD, ERP, HR, CRM and DMS …). It can also to automatically extract data from documents like emails and attachments or invoices thanks to Zonal OCR (Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence).

On the other hand, you can directly file/integrate documents directly from your third-party applications (Word, Excel, PPT, Outlook, MFD’s control panel) or thanks to 1D/2D bar recognition and add metadata to them for easy retrieval. Once your documents are captured and stored in Open Bee, you can also run document matching with AI-based OCR, or post accounting transactions in the general ledger through pre-built ERP integration.

Administer & custom the platform to suit your business processes

The Open Bee DMS platform offers multiple tools to customize the solution according to your brand image, objectives, needs, and your current business processes. Indeed, you can change the visual and textual elements of the user interface like the connection page, colours, logo, and the content of emails dynamically sent by the system.

There are also plenty of possibilities for the administrators of the platform to manage users. It is not only about adding or modifying accounts and subscriptions, you can see all actions they have performed, import metadata and users either through a SQL connection or from an LDAP authentication source, associate them with groups, and define different types of users to limit access to specific application’s features. All of this is to simplify their management.

Talking about users, they can benefit from various features to ease their navigation through the solution too. From the SSO (Single Sign-On) to the recycle bin, they are also able to share documents easily and securely with users outside your organization (like customers, suppliers, stakeholders, …) and electronically sign documents from the platform.

Some features are great ways as well to make sure you effectively process and manage your documents. For example, you can set completion rules for folders and define the fields to fill in to consider a folder as “complete”. Regarding workflows, it is possible to dynamically associate a document to a user according to metadata and apply watermarks on a document as parts of a workflow.

How to manage your documents efficiently in Open Bee?

1. Allow users to perform multiple actions on documents like downloading, editing, moving, deleting, sharing… or instead protect a document from unwanted modifications by others.
NEW: View and edit Office documents in Office 365 Online.

2. Navigate through folders and files easily with a tree structure to facilitate access to the different levels.

3. Import or export in a ZIP.

4. Track all actions performed on a folder or a document via an audit trail.

5. Rename, preview, and dynamically file documents in a tree structure according to provided metadata.

6. Retrieve documents with either the Simple, Advanced search or directly third-party apps with keyboard shortcuts.

7. Synchronize files and folders between Windows computers and the DMS file server.

Open Bee also offers major features to make your document management a piece of cake:

Benefit from a secure & reliable system

When choosing a document management solution, security features are essential to focus on. As you know, cyberattacks are proliferating and target any type of organization. Open Bee has gathered the best security assets like a secure login, a two-factor authentication (2FA), and digital watermarking to protect your data and sensitive information. And there is more. In fact, you can take advantage of advanced rights management with more than 10 different user security roles to provide an appropriate level of user access permissions and secure documents stored by encrypting DMS data and metadata using an AES-256 encryption algorithm.

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Enhance the collaboration between your teams

To perform in your sector, you need to promote performance and efficiency across your teams. To do it in the right way, you shall first provide them with effective and easy-to-use tools to enhance collaboration in and between departments: versioning management, document linking, automatic reminders/notifications, discussion threads, easy sharing, task assignment, and workflows and more.

Check out the brochure and discover all Open Bee DMS’s features point-by-point.

manage all your files
manage all your files
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