Boost the way you sign your documents with the electronic signature
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Boost the way you sign your documents with the electronic signature

When it comes to contract’s conclusion, you are always putting effort, time, and money into sending documents, waiting forthe other party to receive it, sign it, sending it back again… Signature remains a long-lasting process and because of the plenty of legal requirements, your company could miss serious opportunities. Thanks to digital innovations, Open Bee’s Document Management Solution offers you the possibility to boost the way you make new deals or hire co-workers. We have created a new eBook so that you can better understand our electronic signature module, here is an abstract of what you will find in it.

Electronic signature: what it is all about?

The electronic signature guarantees the document’s integrity and gives it the same presumption of enforceability as a wet signature on a paper document.

Electronic signature solutions allow you to easily sign and share documents anytime with anyone and anywhere, while benefiting from monitoring actions in real time. From any device.

Simply select your PDF document and send it to your contacts in a few clicks. Then they will get a notification inviting them to sign it with the code received on their mobile phone or tablet. ll you must do next is to sign the document too, and it’s done! In compliance with the EIDAS Regulation, our motion reinforces your exchanges’ security by providing a reliable identification of all the signatories and guaranteeing the signed document’s integrity.

Moreover, you can increase the security level by asking for a copy of an ID document. Seamlessly integrated to the platform, the electronic signature nicely supports a multistep validations process.

You can even now link both a signature and an approval task in your serial or conditional workflow. When you’re done with your document, save it in your electronic safe vault, which will reinforce your archiving security. Once you save time and money, get rid of paper to accelerate your document signing processes and reduce your printing.

Legal question

Maybe are you wondering about the legal value of an electronic signature compared to a hand-written one? It stays the same. To be more precise, it depends on countries’ legislation. If you take the European example, there is the eIDAS regulation which has been adopted in 2014.  Our eBook will give you more information on what defines the digital signature.

How does it improve your signing processes?

Several benefits among others

The electronic signature brings about many benefits to a company. Indeed, it:

Directly integrated to your DMS software

Open Bee’s platform provides you with other multiple modules to which you can link the electronic signature feature: workflows, electronic safe, etc.

Get an illustration of how you can use the digital signature combined to our other features and what it can bring you in our eBook.

Digital Signature: Utilization across company departments & market sectors

Discover how electronic signatures can benefit your business
Download our ebook

With this eBook you will also discover some use cases depending on companies’ activity and departments. In this way you will get a field perspective enabling an in-depth understanding of the many situations where the digital signature is now essential.

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