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True custom solution, the Open Bee digital platform supports you every day in the automation of your business processes and electronic document management.

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You now have all your business information at your fingertips!

No need to be an IT expert to benefit from the Open Bee digitization platform. Thanks to our digital solution, your documents are filed, shared, secured, and archived in the simplest way.


Access all your information wherever you are and from whatever device you want: laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Through the automation of your accounting, HR, admin, or legal processes, your troubles end here: no more cumbersome tasks with low-added value, input mistakes, validation delays, documents with coffee stains or lost somewhere in a drawer.

Choose THE solution that makes usages and features suit your company.

Organizations have specific needs and issues about content and information management, whatever their business sector (bioscience, manufacturing, food-processing, etc.).

Discover how the Open Bee™ solutions match your company.

Whatever your company’s industry, your whole team is concerned with all the paper-related constraints and also needs to have access to information in real time!

Discover how the Open Bee solutions suit your occupations/teams.

Our DMS software has countless benefits and nothing more to prove: less repetitive tasks, better traceability, more agility in your projects, significant cuts on costs, time saver…

Discover how the Open Bee platform boosts your work in the everyday life.

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Transform your daily life with Open Bee first, you will thank us later!

  • Digitize all your documents,
  • Access your information from anywhere with one click,
  • Manage your contracts,
  • Strengthen your exchanges’ confidentiality,
  • Speed up the signing of your documents,
  • Manage and simplify your HR processes,
  • Archive and share your documents in secure spaces,
  • Digitize your forms,

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Did you know that the Open Bee DMS platform includes more than 450 features? All combined, they enable you and your teams in all departments of your company…
If you want to boost your productivity and profit, it is time to start planning your digital archiving strategy…

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The worth of the digital safe module is 5/5, plus quick and efficient training.

IT manager

Various features and competitive prices. The solution saved us time.

Chief financial officer (CFO)

The Open Bee DMS solution streamlines communication between departments. Thanks to its user-friendliness ergonomics and its simple configuration, the familiarization took no time.

HR manager

Time saver when archiving and sending pay slips, meets the needs of SMEs.
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