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Reduce paperwork and streamline teamwork

Education Software

A digital platform for a connected school

Promote and secure collaboration within your departments: educational, administrative, HR, and technical.

Our solutions offer a collaboration that unifies and secures the content of all departments at once. This while increasing the visibility, sharing, and processing of your teaching and studying information related!

A single point for sharing information

Records are easily accessible and searchable when it is needed. Teachers can for instance share their courses with their students to improve online education.

Strengthen information security and confidentiality

Whether you are a educational team or a student, you are able to communicate information with anyone in the school, anywhere and anytime. Permissions and access can be set up according to each one’s role.

Keep your documents in a safe that guarantees their integrity

Our electronic safe module enables staff to keep important information in a secure place while enhancing compliance with legal requirements.

Secure collaborations in your departments

The scientific community

A new generation of document management platforms that meet security challenges for research. Work together safely in your research programs locally, nationally, and internationally.

Make your researchers’ work easier and better in sharing information with external contacts: public and private research laboratories, research institute partners, and companies.

Our digital safe allows you to store your documents containing sensitive data, while ensuring a secure archiving: clinical test results, manufacturing secrecy, patents, etc.

Educational document management

Administrative and technical staff

The Sphere platform offers you a new collaborative, reliable, and secure work solution. Create groups of projects according to your various challenges: student management, HR exam planning, legal service infrastructure management, logistic duties. Communication between your different sites is improved.

Keep students’ paperwork for registrations in a safe place and set the appropriate retention period. Documents are automatically filed according to the student’s name and retained the time set.

Education and teaching

Have students collaborate with their teachers online or offline. You control the rights and permissions to access courses and lessons.

Connect your DMS with other school and teaching software.

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