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Business case

Pilardière Group set up a new customer relation portal

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Business activities span Europe and more

The Pilardière group is an SMB, based in Vendée (France), and consisting of about 50 employees.
We are specialized in manufacturing mineral mixtures, made up for instance of vitamins and trace elements, intended for animal breeding.
Our products’ purpose is to improve technical and economic performances of breeding farms.
We have a retailers’ network in France and also on the international stage.

What were your documents related challenges?

An online store connected with the customer relation portal 

Before launching the online orders system, we used to send our invoices by postal mail to our customers. Alongside the implementation of this online orders system,

We decided to go paperless and to dematerialize invoices distribution.

We also encountered a challenge related to invoice archiving, because they were stored in paper format by our accounting department. All this represents time, about 3 hours per week, for the billing service, and obviously significant printing costs too.

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Open Bee  offers intuitive navigation and ease-of-use.

 According to the project manager, Open Bee allows to be autonomous in order to use and administrate their document management system.

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  • Saved up to 1h30 per day for the administrative tasks
  • each file go through the right department
  • Reduced our printing and postage costs

What are the benefits?

  • We saved up to 1h30 per day for the administrative processing of orders.
  • File our documents in an organized and intuitive tree structure, allows our administration team to spend more time on value-added tasks.
  • We have significantly reduced our printing and postage costs

We would like to generalize it with others departments

We now wish to archive and manage our Research and Development bibliography with Open Bee™.
The objective is to simplify and to save time in literature search.


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