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adapts to your teams.

Give digital transformation a human dimension: Our DMS (document management solution) platform allows your teams to free themselves from the constraints of handling documents to focus more on the human and strategic values of a team.

Find out how DMS and dematerialization solutions can speed up the processing of your purchase requests and make them more reliable.

Make your sales department more agile by centralizing all documents on a single electronic document management platform.

The accounting sector is at the heart of the information flow and invoice management. Dematerializing and accelerating the processing time of suppliers is one of our solutions.

In marketing and communication, each project requires an optimized follow-up and distribution of the produced documents to the concerned collaborators.

An HR service that brings together on a single platform the documents related to your employees: employment contracts, pay slips, correspondence. The Open Bee platform also offers the implementation of a real agile HR strategy: implementation of procedures, forms…

Optimize the coordination and monitoring of your R&D projects by instantly distributing new versions of your documents to geographically dispersed teams. Make your validation circuits more reliable by dissociating each project.

Simplify the management of your documents in your daily administrative and secretarial department. A department that centralizes so many documents must be free of handling constraints and repetitive tasks.

Technicians working in the field need agility by collaborating on mobile applications with sedentary teams. That’s why our platform allows you to create an efficient technical intranet in order to send information in real time to your employees.

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DMS – Document Management System

Why should your company go paperless?

On average one co-worker will spend five hours in a week to retrieve records, whether they are stored in filing cabinets or off-site storage facilities.
You may also evaluate the risk, and so the security lack of paper and manual-based processes: Indeed, documents can be easily lost, mishandled, or damaged. Talking about mishandling, have you seen how inefficient it is to collaborate with others on a paper document, or even an electronic one with multiple offline versions? You can easily judge it by yourself, even more when different departments or stakeholders are working together.

Most nowadays companies are running their digital transformation across their business processes, as it became a must-have those last years. Even more because of the sanitary crisis, your finance department also needs an easy-to-use solution that will automate every phase of their accounts payable processes.

With a multiple-featured document management software designed to enhance your digital transformation, you can enable your accounting co-workers to easily deal with invoice processing and so get rid of day-to-day repetitive tasks, unnecessary costs. Which will allow them to better focus on major financial projects and more added value tasks for your company.

A lot of companies do not have a strong onboarding program, yet one out of two employees say they already have faced a poor onboarding, or at least have experienced a misadventure at the beginning of a new job. It is a shame for companies to spend so much time and money on an irrelevant process; if your new hire quit the job because of a poor onboarding (30% quit in the first 6 months when it is the case), you will have to start it all over again. But this is not what you are looking for when you are hiring, right?
Transform employees’ onboarding experience

To optimize the use of electronic forms, they should be integrated into the whole business process. With Open Bee and its multiple powerful features and a no-code form architecture, you can digitize your form processes from start to finish. Moreover, as the platform is intuitive, people do not need to do a developer training to effectively use this solution. In just a few steps forms are healed with the combination of various other features:
Advanced features that complement each other

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