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Who are we ?

Our history

Open Bee is born from the desire to provide companies and organizations, of any sector of activity and of any size, information management software solutions allowing them to eliminate the use of paper for the benefit of a digital communication.

The development of its technology and the benefits that Open Bee offers to its customers are inspired by the operation of a beehive: multiple channels bring information back to a point where automated processes are responsible for sorting, classifying, processing, validating, sharing, signing, etc. in complete security within the framework of the ISO 27001 standard and in compliance with the GDPR. Hence, its logo of a bee working for its customers.
In 2004, the Open Bee brand is created and a first solution is launched on the French market, allowing users to index and classify scanned paper documents directly from the touch screen of a multifunction device.
In 2008, the company Open Bee was born as well as a global electronic document management platform, now integrating more than 500 features included in a 360 usage catalog.

Today, our 16 years of expertise, a platform translated into 12 languages and our 100 employees are addressing an ecosystem of technological partners such as AMA and more than 250,000 users, make Open Bee the number 1 in France of Electronic Document Management and a key player at the international level.

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A team of passionate, creative and innovative professionals

Multicultural and international, the Open Bee team is composed of passionate people who, every day, invest their efforts in the development and improvement of our solutions as well as in the services provided to our partners and end customers.

The Open Bee “hive” is a pool of dynamic, honest employees eager to work together so as to express their creativity and offer quality products. Moreover, all this while having fun.

Our values

In order to help our customers accelerate and succeed in their digital transformation, we attach great importance to developing and bringing to market the most robust, flexible, reliable and secure solutions as possible.

From an organic perspective, we position the end user at the center of our thinking and design software applications that take into account their real needs and their work environment ; all this in order to simplify the deployment, the use, and the daily management of our technologies within its internal ecosystem (collaborators) but also external (customers, suppliers, financial, legal, social partners, …)

At Open Bee, we are also very interested in the concept of Return On Investment. Indeed, it is important that our clients can clearly identify the return on their investment both in terms of financial savings and productivity gains.

The notion of long-term cooperation is also important, both with our commercial and technical partners and with our end customers. We do indeed take care to establish a climate of confidence and an irreproachable quality of service.

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Our Certifications

By aligning our development processes with the requirements of the following standards and regulations, we are able to assure our customers our ability to deliver unparalleled levels of service and product quality.

NF Software Digital safe component solution

NF Software Digital safe component solution

Our vision

The need to manage exponential amount of data and to secure document exchanges will lead organizations to adopt content management cloud platforms integrating digital workspaces to maintain a high level of confidentiality.

At the same time, the trend towards the digitization of business processes will accelerate, contributing gradually to the elimination of paper and requiring the setting up of a communication / document management platform that is perfectly integrated with financial, HR, logistics software applications.

Anticipating these new ways of working, our R&D teams invest in new technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, deep learning or robotization to strengthen the capabilities of our organic information management platform and enable you to sustain your investment and thus succeed in your digital transformation over time.

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Join us

At Open Bee, we welcome talented professionals and give them the opportunity to express themselves. Our culture is strongly focused on collaboration. We strive to meet the challenges together and recognize that good ideas come from all levels of the company.



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