EU GDPR compliance
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EU GDPR compliance

Document management solution for Easy GDPR Compliance

With Open Bee Document and collaboration solution, manage effectively your General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance.

Build a data-centric security strategy

  • Store in one location all content related to your customers, partners, employees or other parties that capture personal data for their repositories
  • Use electronic form to build online GDPR readiness questionnaire and collect responses separately across multiple business functions, departments, or groups.
  • Manage all your Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) using specific workflows, tracking mitigation activities, documenting risk, and data subject consultations.
  • Design a branded form to enable users to request personal data and manage it through a dedicated workflow
  • Generate a searchable inventory of content and ease the deletion of documents that contain personal data when needed
  • Use workflow to report any personal data breaches to your Supervisory Authority (SA) within 72 hours of detection.

Benefit from secure document storage to comply with GDPR

  • In compliance with GDPR
  • Executive level visibility
  • Strengthen security
  • Meet increased obligations of handling personal data
  • Provide executive-level visibility and reporting
  • Strengthen security and confidentiality of personal data
  • Reduce significantly threats from hacking, fraud and ransomware

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FAQ EU GDPR compliance

What is GDPR compliance?

GDPR compliance refers to adhering to the rules and regulations set forth by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the European Union. This regulation aims to protect the personal data of EU citizens and gives them greater control over how their data is collected, processed, and stored.

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