Make document management security a top priority
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Make document management security a top priority

In the digital era, cyber attacks have become a common thing. They can affect all types of organizations, regardless of their size, sector, or notoriety. According to Cybersecurity Ventures, cyber attacks are expected to occur every 11 seconds in by the end of 2021. Thus, as a company you must focus on cyber security more than ever in your digital transformation project.

Top 6 different cyber attacks that target your business data

Cyber attacks aim to obtain sensitive information from a company, country, or any organization for various reasons, generally for an economic gain but also to get a competitive advantage, or even for political reasons. Concerned data can be linked to customers, bank accounts, trades, research, etc. The ENISA (European Union Agency for Cybersecurity) identifies 15 types of cyber attacks in its 2020 report, with some specifically targeting documents and content:

document management security

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Open Bee DMS meets your data privacy requirements

With a user-friendly and intuitive cloud-based document management system, you save time when scanning, indexing, archiving, and securing both paper and electronic files, while preventing from hacking and unauthorized access. Major aspects of data security are covered by Open Bee DMS software:

1-Document Exchange: Reduce the risk of information misappropriation related to email by sharing your files via a secure online portal, integrating encryption of stored data (AES  256-bit) and in transit (https).

2-Compliance: Strengthen the security of the personal data of your customers or employees by managing your information within a DMS hosted on an ISO 27001 compliant certified datacenter and integrating various modules such as file retention time management

3-Access control: Opt for an efficient password policy management (definition, length, renewal frequency) associated with the dual authentication factor (2FA) and secure access to your files and documents.

4-Electronic document management: Benefit from advanced technologies that are extremely relevant to the fight against cybercrime and the misappropriation/loss of information, such as our AFNOR NF certified electronic vault.

5-Archiving: Eliminate the risks associated with keeping your information in paper format (destruction, loss, theft…) by scanning your documents and keeping them in an electronic safe.

6-Confidentiality: Ensure that only authorized persons can access confidential folders in your organization (payroll, legal, R&D…) by monitoring access permissions on records (accessing rights).

7-Backup: Synchronize your file server and desktop with DMS cloud, keep a copy of your important metadata, and easily retrieve them in the event of a disaster.

document management security

Draw the attention of your co-workers on data security

Even if in computer science zero risk does not exist, it is still possible to limit and anticipate security breaches and data leaks in a fairly simple way with management systems. As a company you also must make your employees aware of the need to implement good practices, but above all, take concrete precautions to protect your sensitive data privacy contained in your business documents, whether they are in an electronic or paper format. Here are some recommendations to limit security risks regarding your business information:

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