How do electronic forms simplify HR department’s job?
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How do electronic forms simplify HR department’s job?

The main challenge of HR departments is to make the difference to attract and retain talents in the company. For this reason, they need to effectively manage the whole recruitment process, from interviewing candidates to reviewing co-workers’ performance, thus making sure that co-workers are happy in the workplace.

Paper-based and manual processes are outdated

Challenges any HR department must overcome

Human Resources are one of the departments that use most of paper in a company. But this not needed to be said anymore: paper does not fit today businesses’ organization. Plus, as there is more and more remote workforce with telecommuting, digital has now become a necessity.
Because to fulfil the main objective of improving employee retention and workplace culture, Human Resources must first improve communication between employees, managers, and themselves. To do so, they need to find a way to effectively manage staff requests, such as information changes, leave applications, and more. But they additionally need to end with time consumed and extended delays because of manual processing, which could also limit risks of loss and non-compliance. Indeed, the time is one of the factors that increases operating costs, which are already high mostly because of printings, which urgently need to be reduced too.

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Why using electronic forms with a DMS is a winning combination

Advanced features that complement each other

To optimize the use of electronic forms, they should be integrated into the whole business process. With Open Bee and its multiple powerful features and a no-code form architecture, you can digitize your form processes from start to finish. Moreover, as the platform is intuitive, people do not need to do a developer training to effectively use this solution. In just a few steps forms are healed with the combination of various other features:

A complete solution that brings multiple benefits

The best advantage with a 100% cloud solution is that all co-workers have a full-time access to the last update of any form. Whether they are telecommuting, on the field or at the office.

From that, HR professionals can send instantly forms to remote workforce who can complete those from their smartphone, tablet, or any other mobile device and resend them right away. This also strongly shorten delays, as there are no more paper trails with loads of forms waiting to be sent or analysed. Plus, they can effortlessly check the progress of forms completion and integrate them in their other HR business apps, in sum data collection is finally made easy.

Download our e-Book right below to get free samples that Human Resources departments use most often! This is a first of a series, in the following weeks we will talk about electronic forms in various vertical markets, so stay tuned if you want to see what is coming next.

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