3 reasons to get rid of paper and start electronic data collection
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3 reasons to get rid of paper and start electronic data collection

Forms are used in every market sector and by most departments every day: order requests, customer complaints, employee onboardings… thus the data collection process has to be cost-effective. Therefore, companies must equip themselves with an intuitive and powerful solution that meets digitization needs and existing business processes. Listen to our podcast to discover how successfully manage forms with Open Bee DMS multiple features.

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Paper forms challenges

Paper-based business documents combined with manual processing and management bring about multiple challenges related to forms.

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3 key benefits of digital forms

Obviously, switching from paper-based to electronic forms transform the way co-workers process data collection in all departments:

If you missed this one, you could also watch our video on customer complaint management to see electronic forms in action!

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Trust the form digitization process step by step

The Open Bee eForm module associated to the Open Bee DMS platform enables to manage this type of documents in a global way; from creation up to the storage including input, processing, and analysis.

electronic data collection
  1. Create simply branded forms in a few minutes, or use prebuilt templates and using drag/drop mode: date and time, drop-down list, attachments, images, files, handwritten signature, etc.
  2. Share instantly responsive electronic forms for Desktop and Mobiles with your employee and mobile workers, for an easy and quick fill-in.
  3. Collect data immediately from Android, iOS, or any Windows devices.
  4. Simplify collected data communication, approval, and processing thanks to dynamic triggering of approval workflows.
  5. Centralize all completed e-forms and ease their analysis.

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