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How to simplify your new hire’s onboarding process?

With a Document Management Solution

Building a strong onboarding program for your new hires obviously increases the probability they will stay longer in your company (Read our last post: Transform your employees’ onboarding). To make the difference, your organization must be faultless. Fortunately, with today’s technologies, it is now easy to make it. That is exactly what a Document Management Solution can bring you.

Successfully manage your employee onboarding experience

Digital makes the difference

With a powerful HR onboarding software solution, such as Open Bee, HR departments can significantly reduce time-consuming paperwork, to focus on more added-value tasks of the welcoming plan instead of spending more and more time and money on administrative tasks.
On the new employee side, whether he is technical-minded or not, our platform is designed to have an user-friendly interface, enabling your newly arrived colleagues to start using it from day one easily, which means you will obviously make savings concerning their training too. Besides, it is even more essential for distributed workforce, as remote hiring became a real thing this decade, who also needs an effective onboarding as they were on the spot.

Digital workplace and human resources

Multiple features to handle effectively the onboarding process

The Open Bee onboarding platform is built on secure and trusted cloud architecture, enabling instant communication, and sharing of HR information between the new hire and multiple departments, so the right people get notified with the right information instantly.

5 modules help you to streamline your hire onboarding process:

  1. Document Portal: Create a self-service portal giving employees instant online access to key HR documents and eForms so that your new hires can take acknowledge from your company’s main practices and procedures easily, avoiding the leaving them without information from day one.
  2. Electronic Forms: Get started with ready eForm templates, or personalize the onboarding experience to your preferences. Create checklists effortlessly for your IT department to prepare new hire’s equipment for example, send them in minutes so that every co-worker involved can effectively prepare your new hires’ arrival.
  3. Digital Workflows: Effectively organize the preparation required from every department to welcome your new co-workers in the best conditions.
  4. Analytics Module: Run satisfaction surveys among your new employees and get accurate data in a graphical dashboard.
  5. Electronic Safe: Keep your documents in an electronic safe component for long-term storage. Distribute your payslips in electronic format to all your employees.
onboarding process

Our software centralizes and digitizes employee paperwork to eliminate storage costs and displacement of documents. It has never been easier to keep HR documents organized and save time and money on onboarding.

In conclusion, simplifying your new hire’s onboarding process is a strategic move towards fostering a positive and lasting employee experience. Leveraging a robust DMS, such as Open Bee, proves instrumental in achieving this goal. The digital transformation enabled by our platform not only minimizes the burden of paperwork for HR departments but also enhances the efficiency of the entire onboarding program.

In addition to these features, Open Bee goes beyond onboarding by offering the flexibility to integrate other modules into the Document Management Solution (DMS). These additional modules serve to connect various services across the organization seamlessly. Whether it’s enhancing collaboration, optimizing communication, or streamlining processes beyond onboarding, Open Bee’s extensible DMS framework ensures a holistic approach to digital transformation within the company. So, while addressing the specific needs of onboarding, the platform also acts as a catalyst for broader organizational efficiency and connectivity.

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