Analytics reports
Open Bee Digital Plateform

Evaluate your business processes performance with Analytics


Easily analyze your document management

Interactive and user-friendly, the Analytics module enables you to configure graphs related to the DMS platform use and based on indexed documents.

View all previous actions made on your documents

Dynamic and intuitive creation of your customized graphs and reports

  • Personalized and powerful graphs and reports’ conception by only selecting filters, no programming skills is needed.
  • Structured and targeted analysis of your business processes’ trends: data management, documents’ accessibility, workflow approvals…
  • Global vision on the way employees use the DXP platform enabling improved communication.
Analytics module
Documents lifecycle

Retrieve your business processes’ trends

With a structured and targeted analysis of your document management platform

  • Visualize and identify by document’s types and according to users, most/less viewed documents to improve your communication strategy.
  • Measure your approval processes’ performance by displaying document’s quantity and type submitted to workflows and associated moves.
  • Dynamically monitor key indicators of customers’ invoicing (sent invoices quantity, customers who never connected to the extranet, savings potentially made, …).
  • Analyse customers’ complaints depending on product’s type, and root causes of complaints.
  • Boost the recruitment efficiency of new hires.
  • Analyse training requests, and annual interview report.

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How Open Bee DMS platform can help your support team’s processes?

Digitize your processes across the different departments involved with Open Bee software multiple features : workflows, data analytics, e-Forms, … will make you avoid application silos and boost your co-worker’s productivity. At the end, you will see your customer satisfaction’s rate actively increase, and so your company’s reliability.

The Open Bee DMS platform offers multiple tools to customize the solution according to your brand image, objectives, needs, and your current business processes. Indeed, you can change the visual and textual elements of the user interface like the connection page, colors, logo, and the content of emails dynamically sent by the system.