Paper Forms’ dematerialisation
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Paper Forms’ dematerialisation

Digitize and streamline your forms processes

Expend the use of electronic forms and get rid of paper to increase productivity.

Boost efficiency by switching your paper forms to an electronic format

  • Create your forms in a simple and quick way thanks to the drag/drop mode, via an intuitive designed platform,
  • Integrate any types of fields (list, table, checkbox, signature, …) and customize your templates in line with your corporate design,
  • Broadcast your e-forms instantly to your mobile and sedentary workforce, for an easy and quick fill-in,
  • Simplify data collection on the spot thanks to a dedicated mobile application, available on both iOS and Android,
  • Streamline approval and handling processes thanks to our automated workflow engine,
  • Centralize all completed e-forms and ease their analysis.

Get rid of paper and boost your decision-making

  • Provide all your departments (Purchase, HR, Quality, Technical, …) with an innovative solution to significantly reduce time-consuming tasks and extra costs related to paper form management,
  • Speed-up data collection, analysis, and any other captured information’s processes,
  • Improve your mobile team’s agility

Top use cases for your departments

  • Finance: purchase requests, order forms, expense reports, …
  • Human Resources: job interviews, evaluations, leave requests, …
  • Technical: installation records, intervention reports, statements, …
  • Quality: control sheets, security inspection reports, …
  • Marketing: satisfaction and other surveys, ready for prints, …

Find out how to optimize e-forms’ management by associating it with the approval workflow module.

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