Form automation: To enhance guest experience and employees’ jobs
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EForms to enhance guest experience and employees’ jobs

For more than a year, your hotel, restaurant, spa, or any other hospitality businesses just ticked over because of the global pandemic. New technologies can help you boost your form processes and so make sure your business is ready for the post-covid world.

Assess your areas of improvement to better reach your goals

What you need

Now that travelling and tourism is slowly coming back to normal, your company must overcome new challenges: prepare teams for a high demand and ensure your place is covid-safe, while recovering from important money loss. This means implementing strict sanitary measures for both guests and staff, while always maintaining the quality of your service provided to your guests.

What complicates your work

As mentioned, such unprecedented situation has generated important money loss, so you may do not have much money to invest in solutions that streamline your business processes. But with paper and manual forms, costs-related are high, and such time-consuming tasks make them even more important. Furthermore, paper exchanges are worse because it does not emphasize social distancing and the lack of agility it causes makes it harder to adapt to guests’ expectations.

Top benefits of digital forms for your hospitality business

Better compliance and productivity

Ending with paper forms is a major cut on your operational costs for multiple reasons: first, you do not need to buy supplies for printing, sharing, and storing your forms. Moreover, electronic forms also help to automize your business processes. Indeed, you can save even more money because you are also saving time that your teams can spend on more added-value tasks, such as providing a high-quality service to your guests.

No more paper and time waste, thanks to digital you ensure the accuracy of the information you key in your forms, store sensitive data in a secure place that provides you and your teams with global access to forms information. Thus, improving compliance and efficiency.

Improved customer experience

When you save such time on operational tasks, you can focus on providing your guests with a high-quality service, because you are more able to listen and so answer their needs. Plus, if you digitize customer-related forms, such as check-ins, you shorten their waiting time and so increase their satisfaction.

Thanks to electronic satisfaction surveys, your guests can also easily give you their feedbacks on their stay to know how far they enjoyed it, but also to get further comments on how you can continually improve their overall experience in your establishment.

Satisfied employees

On one hand, with mobile forms, your teams in all departments simplify the way they work. From any mobile device such as smartphones or tablets, your employees can fill in their forms and automatically send them to managers to ensure the quality of their work. In the other hand, digital forms help them to enhance communication with colleagues and other departments.

Best forms used in hotels, restaurants, spas, and more

Our e-Book provides you with the most used forms in hospitality businesses, so that you can easily digitize your current processes:

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