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Understand everything about the electronic safe

Companies are in a current environment where regulations are evolving at an unmatched speed, especially with the simplification of social and tax laws, and thus electronic safe is a hot topic. Do you want to digitize and secure your business documents such as payslips, invoices, or other documents? This article unravels the main points to remember.

The worth of a digital safe

As part of the evolution of my company’s information system, what can I use a digital safe for?

With an electronic safe, you can:

How does the electronic safe work:

An electronic safe is an option of your document management solution, whose conservation process is carried out in two steps: digital sealing and archiving.

When you deposit your documents, they are digitally sealed to guarantee their integrity. An electronic signature is then performed to authenticate the author of the deposit, a timestamp to certify the date of the deposit and, finally, a digital fingerprint is calculated to ensure that the document is not modified over time.

All documents are then digitally archived in the safe, where procedures for periodic verification of integrity, traceability, and management of actions and users are carried out.

How can I access my stored data and where is it hosted?

As a coworker of your company, all you have to do is log in from any computer, tablet, or smartphone and enter your login and password, as well as the code received by SMS, if you have subscribed to an additional security option.

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The benefits of an electronic safe

Thanks to an electronic safe solution, it is possible to guarantee the durability, integrity, availability, and confidentiality of your data.

A guarantee of accessibility over time

You can thus ensure that your digital transformation is carried out in compliance with the law and that you protect yourself against the risks of misappropriation or destruction of information.

Among the various market players offering an electronic safe, some are certified and others are not, why?

The label: a guarantee of compliance

Organizations such as the Fédération Numérique des Tiers de Confiance (« Digital Federation of Trusted Third Parties ») award a label. It guarantees that the solution has been developed in compliance with a strict reference framework, following the AFNOR NF Z42-020 standard, and that the software has been audited by an expert.

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