7 easy tips and tricks to get started with Open Bee’s DMS
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7 easy tips and tricks to get started with our DMS

Introducing our tutorials guide

A Document Management Solution (DMS) is a powerful tool to get your business information well organized and streamline documents’ sharing with your professional relationships. To get it widely integrated throughout your company, it also needs to be intuitive and so accessible to everyone.

Our easy-to-use software enables any organization and its co-workers to get the hang of high-technology modules in a very short time. Thus, you will empower the way you manage your business information, while making it easier. The best thing to do is to try it and observe how it outperforms your projections.

Even if you are not a beginner, maybe are you already an expert? It does not matter; you can always learn some interesting facts and hacks from our seven top helpful advice to getting well started with our Open Bee DMS platform.

Find out below what these tutorials are all about :

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What tutorials will you find?

Take a look at our top 101 hints and get smartly started to master our software even more quickly, or at least discover some hacks you never thought of!  If you want more information, check out all our videos to complete your experience with Open Bee DMS.

Lesson 1: How to get started with Open Bee?

Open Bee software enables you to scan any file you want to keep and organize. Customers, suppliers, HR records, pretty much anything, you would like to store electronically, share, retrieve or approve instantly!

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Open Bee DMS is a comprehensive and powerful document management solution that offers a range of features to meet the needs of any business.

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