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Create workspaces for information exchange and creativity

Modular and intuitive, Open Bee’s Digital Workplace concept allows you to consult, share, co-edit and validate all your work information.

By creating dedicated workspaces, you provide a platform for information exchange, idea sharing, and innovation.

With Open Bee’s intuitive interface and collaborative tools, you can unlock the full potential of your workforce and inspire them to achieve remarkable results.

One platform for all your teams

  • Organize your workspaces according to your business: HR, Accounting, Logistics, Marketing, R&D, …
  • Simplify the sharing of your data within and outside your organization.
  • Take advantage of advanced technologies integrated into the heart of your Digital Workplace: workflow, electronic form, tasks, secure sharing, …
  • Strengthen the governance, confidentiality, and security of your information: granular access rights, 256-bit AES encryption, double authentication (2FA), tracking of actions, …
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Boost individual and collective performance sustainably

  • Create a user-friendly setting to boost the creativity, innovation, and performance of your employees.
  • Innovate in the face of new challenges, especially regarding the younger generation.
  • Implement a new environment adapted to the expectations and uses of your employees.

+ 87% of employee retention rate for companies that have adopted a Digital Workplace approach.

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Frequently asked questions
Digital Workplace

How does the digital workspace tool improve customer satisfaction?

The digital workspace tool enhances customer satisfaction by streamlining support team processes, boosting productivity, and improving overall service quality. By digitizing processes and enabling seamless collaboration among coworkers, the tool eliminates application silos and facilitates quicker response times. This leads to better customer service, prompt issue resolution, and increased customer satisfaction rates.

How does the digital workspace collaborate with other modules?

How does the Sphere mobile application enhance collaborative workspaces?

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