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How marketers use file sharing services

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Go paperless with new automated process

A large amount of documents is handled and distributed daily by marketing and communication teams, including catalogs, brochures, product data sheets, presentations and press releases, which is particularly time-consuming and restrictive.

Optimize the distribution of information produced by your department with Open Bee’s software solutions.

The DMS platform, offer features like digital forms, secure document storage, collaborative workspaces and approval workflows. Go paperless with new automated processes and revolutionize how your marketing and communication teams handle and distribute documents efficiently and seamlessly.

Single point for the sharing of information

Save time and follow the progress of your validation circuit. By integrating with your tools, all your documents are centralized in a single digital platform.


A document management system provides a secure digital repository for your important files, protecting them from unauthorized access and potential loss.

Savings through
reduced printing

Whether you’re working on a project with colleagues from different departments or with clients, the system allows you to share and update online documents in real-time.

Collaborate effectively to create content

Create virtual areas in the DMS marketing and communication devoted to individual projects and group together all relevant information, in any format needed : Word, PowerPoint, images, emails, paper documents, etc.
Facilitate access to information linked to projects, whatever the geographical location of staff and external service providers involved.
Make it possible for several people to work on the same document at once.

Open Bee DMS
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Share information in a simple way

With the DMS marketing and communication

Simple configuration and user-friendly Interface:

  • Implement a document management portal and offer a single access point for company information to the various departments (catalogs, brochures, PowerPoint presentations, price lists, etc.).
  • Notify the company’s personnel in real time when key information is added or modified!
  • Access all of your documents, anywhere and at any time, with the mobile application.

Work more efficiently with your external partners

  • Send large files rapidly and simply via secure links.
    Control the distribution of information to third parties, with pre-configured approval procedures.
  • Create online exchange areas in order to store and share specific documents with your suppliers and customers.

Discover how Open Bee™ solutions can facilitate the management of documents produced by your department!

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How can Open Bee DMS facilitate document management for marketing and communication teams?

Open Bee™ makes it easy to implement a document portal for enterprise communication, allowing marketing and communication teams to manage and distribute a variety of documents, such as catalogues, brochures, product sheets, presentations, and press releases, in an efficient and less time-consuming manner.

What benefits does the dedicated virtual space provide for content creation teams?

Can Open Bee™ help secure exchanges with external partners and agencies?

What makes Open Bee DMS a reliable collaborative platform for marketing and communication documents?

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