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Dematerialize your procurement processes

As a purchasing manager, you handle a significant number of documents. The processes of managing purchasing transactions and reconciling paper-based quotes, purchase orders, and invoices expose you to several inconveniences, such as time losses and penalties for payment delays.

With Open Bee, you digitize all your documents, and your archive room also becomes digital! By centralizing your files with an electronic document management solution, everything becomes accessible remotely or in-person through a single platform that is compatible with your business solutions.

Scan your purchasing processes and optimize your supplier relations!

Optimize the relationship between suppliers and the procurement department

Save time and track the progress of your validation process. By integrating with your tools, all your documents are centralized in a single digital platform.

Sign your quotes or purchase orders online

Sign your contracts online and manage your signatories remotely. The electronic signature integrated into our cloud platform allows you to be more mobile.

Store and archive your invoices

Abandon paper and the associated costs. Secure your agreements with probative archiving in compliance with legal requirements and current standards.

File your purchasing documents easily

  • Centralize all purchasing requests, purchase orders and supplier invoices, whatever their original format (paper, office automation, etc.), at a single point.
  • Automate the classification of all exchanged documents with each supplier into an organized folder and sub-folder structure.
  • Simplify your searches with the power of our search engine, thus guarding against document loss between departments.
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  • digital workspaces

Speed up the approval of purchasing requests

Centralize all of your purchasing information at a single point

Integrate purchasing requests in a hierarchical electronic approval workflow.
Get a real time view of all purchase orders : pending processing, approved or refused.
Significantly reduce the approval time for your documents by configuring alerts and performance deadlines.

Optimize your supplier relations

Find each document filed in a matter of seconds with a powerful search engine.
Reconcile a supplier invoice and purchase order with a single click.
Speed up the payment approval process and optimize your supplier relations.

Our solution for your department

Find out how Open Bee™ solutions enable you to process purchasing requests more rapidly and more reliably!

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What types of documents can be managed by a DMS in the purchasing function?

A DMS (Document Management System) can be used to manage a wide variety of documents in the purchasing function, including:

  1. Purchasing planning documents: purchase requests, specifications, technical specifications
  2. Supplier management documents: supplier evaluation questionnaires, purchase contracts, purchase orders
  3. Purchasing execution documents: invoices, receiving reports, delivery notes

What DMS features are most used for the purchasing function?

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