Enhance your accounts payable processes with invoice matching
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Enhance your accounts payable processes with invoice matching

Watch our video to see how to perform the 2-way matching within Open Bee intuitive document management software. By using three different examples of invoices, electronic invoice approval and matching processes are made clear. See how AP automation is a life-changing solution!

How to Streamline Your Invoice Process — With 2 way matching

What invoice matching exactly means?

2-way match in the accounting jargon is the reconciliation process of an incoming invoice (paper or electronic) with its purchase order stored in the ERP-system in terms of quantity and price.

Thanks to Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and semantic analysis technologies, Open Bee Scan Capture automates the 2-way match and ensures there are no discrepancies between the two documents, optimizing the whole invoice approval process.

Accounts payable automation

Time and cost savings are obvious to assess when speaking about business process automation, but it also brings many other benefits:

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How to streamline invoice management with Open Bee DMS?

2-way matching

Open Bee Scan Capture seamlessly integrated Open Bee end-to-end solution streamlines AP processes and reimagines document as well as cashflow management. Follow our steps to complete a two-way match in Open Bee and simplify invoice approvals:

(This process also works when there is no purchase order, such as consumption bills)

Small businesses but also bigger ones, when handling their accounts payable, perform some form of matching incoming vendor invoices against purchase orders. However, manually processing this comparison requires a great effort from accounting clerks and can be time-consuming, even more when it is paper based. This is why accounts payable management through 2-way matching automation is a key step in digital transformation.

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