Discover all the possibilities of Open Bee DMS
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Discover all the possibilities of Open Bee DMS

Endless possibilities with our platform

Multiple features to boost your company’s efficiency

Integrating multiple features to boost your company’s efficiency and make your work habits smooths, the Open Bee is more than a simple Document Management System, it is an organic software. Why organic? Simply because the Open Bee platform has been developed in a way to self-adapt to your work habits for a faster user adoption and a greater user friendliness.

Endless possibilities to succeed your digital transformation

In addition to its intuitive navigation, you may have many (and endless) possibilities in the way to successfully complete your digital transformation. Open Bee offers you the opportunity to switch from paper and manual processes to automated ones, supporting employees’needs, in just a few steps.

Thanks to its numerous features, getting your work done has never been so easy.

Sharing, approving, archiving, organizing documents are now a breeze! With Open Bee DMS, you are able to customize all features to make them fit all departments’ requirements and any kind of business processes :

  • Onboardings of new employees for your HR department,
  • Supplier invoices processing for your finance department,
  • Share confidential content for your legal department,
  • PO approvals for your purchasing department,
  • Complaint management for your customer service department,
  • And much more…

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A modular building blocks architecture

open bee DMS

Thanks to its modular building blocks architecture, it is easy to improve your already-existing processes. Want to extend your capabilities? Simply select the module which will fulfill your business requirements, active it and you are ready to go!

Finally and above all, thanks to its cloudbased architecture, Open Bee DMS provides you a solution to enable remoteworking and help you going through the sanitary crisis or any unexpected event, because with Open Bee you can work from home exactly as you were at the office.

If you want to learn more about the endlesspossibilities of the Open Bee collaborative platform and how it can benefit yourcompany, check out and download our infographic below.

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