DMS Open Bee platform, which new features are coming?
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DMS Open Bee, which new features are coming?

Here is a brief overview of the version 6.11!

New features for your DMS

Security administration is being improved

Simply manage the setting of passwords as well as the double authentication feature. Henceforth a new feature (in addition to email) is possible with the Google Authentificator add-on to receive double authentication; Sign in from your mobile with a QR code to find your Open Bee instance. As an administrator, you will be alerted when a new connection is detected by a new device.

New features for DMS

New actions are available in the workflow

Go further to automate task processing. If an employee does not accomplish a validation task, 2 actions are possible: reassign or dynamically delegate it to another employee. Make certain actions mandatory (when validating or refusing a task), such as adding document links or even entering comments.

New features for DMS

Suitable for all companies and business activities, the Open Bee’s workflow module enables you to successfully manage your document and business approval processes within your company or organization.

Connect dynamically to your business software

Connect dynamically to a database (CRM, ERP, HRIS, Sales Management) to Open Bee Document Management and simplify metadata information during the indexing phase of a document. For example, when filing a document, select the name of an employee and the system will automatically fill in the additional fields (first name, date of birth, social security number, etc.) from the human resources software.

What are the next steps? For Cloud subscription versions, the update is done automatically, no action is required from you as a user. You will receive an email notification. For On Premise license versions, we invite you to contact your reseller partner for more information, regarding this deployment and for any additional information.

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New features for DMS
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