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An application to collaborate securely and remotely!

Discover the new Sphere mobile application that allows remote access to secure collaborative work spaces. A simple, intuitive and easy to use interface!

Take your files anywhere

Easy to use, sharing business documents becomes a breeze.

After downloading the application and logging in, your account synchronizes with the Open Bee Sphere platform.

So you can access all your collaborative work spaces from your mobile phone.

It has never been easier to secure your documents. Wherever you are, work remotely with quick access to your business documents.

Open Bee mobile device

Publish content, create new work spaces, and invite new collaborators to share files attached to your projects.

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Remote documents approval

Sphere application from your mobile to save time, efficiency, and comfort.

Do not waste your time to get validation on your documents, or the completion of one of your folders. Thanks to this mobile application, you can invite your contacts to publish in their workspaces and notify them in real time when a task is to be performed.

Streamline your exchanges, get documents quickly, receive notifications when tasks are completed, the mobile application allows you to enhance your work organization.

Features designed to simplify the sharing of information:

  • Get access to your secure exchange areas,
  • Share and comment on your documents securely,
  • Manage your exchanges from your smartphone/tablet,
  • Assign validation tasks.

An application that involves all business lines, some examples :

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