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6 reasons why to invest in a DMS solution 6 reasons why to invest in a DMS solution Even if you are not a beginner, maybe are you already an expert? It does not matter; you can always learn some interesting facts and hacks from our seven top helpful advice to getting well started with our Open Bee DMS platform. Read more
ISO 27001 ged open bee Open Bee achieves ISO 27001 Certification for Information Security Management 24 October 2023 Open Bee has just obtained the prestigious ISO 27001 certification for its information security management. Read more
electronic signature Unlocking the power of Electronic Signatures: A comprehensive guide 1 August 2023 The electronic signature solution is a tool that enables the legal validation of contracts and documents online. However,… Read more
open bee dms release note Release Note Open Bee Portal 6.13 10 May 2023 Version 6.13 of the DMS Open Bee has enriched the Open Bee platform with new features and modules.… Read more
Incoming mail management Digitization facilitates incoming mail management 21 November 2022 Here's how our intelligent solution simplifies the management of incoming mail and allows it to be delivered in… Read more
the electronic safe Understand everything about the electronic safe Open Bee 27 October 2022 Discover all the information about the electronic safe: The worth of a digital safe, how does it work,… Read more
intelligent capture The new generation of intelligent capture 27 September 2022 Open Bee now offers the second generation of this solution simplifying the recognition and automating the filing of… Read more
Microsoft Dynamics Business Microsoft Dynamics Business Central integration to automate your accounts payable processes 5 May 2022 To succeed, companies’ digital transformation must go far beyond investing in ERP software hosted in the cloud! It… Read more
Security Software Document security: How to make sure you are working safely? 13 April 2022 companies still overlook the quality of their backup systems, often for financial reasons. But cyberattacks are a fact… Read more
HR document management You can finally manage all your files on a single platform! 7 April 2022 Did you know that the Open Bee DMS platform includes more than 450 features? All combined, they enable… Read more
Podcast: Improve your productivity thanks to digital document approvals 30 March 2022 Whether you are in human resources, customer service, supplier management, or any other unit, the digitization of paper-based… Read more
Paperless office Digital archiving: Why go paperless? 24 March 2022 Your business, regardless of sector, generates a lot of documents, requires regular access to information, and is prone… Read more
Digitize your paper archives How to digitize your paper archives securely? 2 March 2022 Most companies today have to deal with an overflow of archives and cabinets, full of paper documents. Besides… Read more