Podcast: Improve your productivity thanks to digital document approvals
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Electronic Workflow: How to improve your productivity?

Digital transformation: at the heart of your organization’s evolution

Whether you are in human resources, customer service, supplier management, or any other unit, the digitization of paper-based business processes is a top priority in improving performance, and it involves all departments. More than just improving performance, it saves significant time, seriously reduces costs, and outstandingly increases the overall productivity of your business. Discover electronic workflow with Open Bee.

Electronic Workflow: Improve your productivity thanks to digital document approvals

You name it, digital transformation is at the heart of the current evolution of our organizations, hence most departments have chosen to focus on document approval processes.

Let’s take an example of any internal request in a traditional document approval process, which follows several steps:

These steps may seem straightforward, but in reality, many problems can be encountered during the process: extended waiting times, errors, omissions, the human factor… This will cost you a lot of time and thus money.

But fortunately, electronic management can also transform document approvals, where each action becomes targeted and automated. Pre-built request forms enable your co-workers to create these documents in seconds, which will then be automatically sent to the right people, who will next process the document and validate it with a click. And if there is an error in the process, the system automatically notifies the user. Thanks to this, you increase your document management performance without a doubt!

Streamline and speed up your approval processes with electronic workflow

An electronic workflow module covers the entire document process, from its creation to archiving:

All of this can be run while ensuring traceability and reliability.

The module that manages document approvals and reviews, is one of the DMS’s essential features, allowing your company not only to digitize your information flow but also to ensure the control and the durability of the documents circulating in the structure.

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To conclude, If in your company, you have to work in a collaborative and especially transversal way, this feature allows you to ease and speed up your document management to benefit from precious time saved, compulsory to an effective business.

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