How to eliminate paper in your company’s document management
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Eliminate paper in your company’s document management


How to eliminate paper in your company’s document management?

Filing folders and reams of paper never seem to be enough in your office. The printing equipment is often taken up by employees in Accounting or Treasury, who have to print out almost every document. Are these scenarios familiar to you?

Say goodbye to the age of paper – or at least the age of waste – and embrace the advantages of digitization with a document management system.

eliminate paper in your company
Document Management System

Due to the strict regulations that businesses are subject to, small and, medium-sized companies fear that they will become non-compliant if they make changes to traditional document management. Many SMEs still believe they must have a physical, paper-based accounting archive, continuing to print out all their invoices and store them in files and on shelves, believing they are thus complying with all the legal requirements.

The obligation to keep all invoices on paper was, until recently, one of the biggest obstacles to companies’ digital transition. Know, however, that it is now possible to almost completely shift your company’s document management to the digital world – and to do so in absolute compliance with all legal requirements.

New legislation around the world is even encouraging the adoption of an electronic invoicing and filing system, which allows companies to reduce costs and stimulates the implementation and use of new technological tools.

The best way to stay compliant when digitizing document management is to reproduce perfect, legible, and intelligible images of the original documents, without loss of resolution and information. It is essential to guarantee their consultation and reproduction on paper or other electronic support.

What is a document management system?

Among the technological tools that allow the creation of digital or electronic archives is document management systems. We not only speak about solutions to manage invoicing, the heavyweight of document management but also to efficiently manage all types of documents in the life of organizations.

It may not be possible to completely eradicate paper from your daily life, and so a true document management solution interlinks a physical archive with the creation of a digital archive. What you will discover is that implementing such a solution will allow you to take on almost completely digital management – not only of document administration but also of the document information itself.

The maturity of today’s document management solutions provides not only compliance with legal requirements but also the searchability of each company’s vast wealth of information, concentrated in a single repository – accessible with account creation and search authorization levels.

Eliminate paper to accelerate the digital transition

There are sometimes obstacles to the transition to the digital world within companies themselves. Fear of legal non-compliance is often compounded by fear of the complexity of the solutions adopted and fear of information leakage, data breach, or loss. However, the benefits of adopting a document management solution are countless.

You will find it easier to automate processes in your organization. You can create more robust document approval flows, get faster collaboration and task resolution, and generate higher levels of productivity. You’ll find it easier to create backups of your company’s information and, in case of a disaster, you won’t have to worry about losing information. How much is it worth to be able to guarantee that all your most important information is safe?

The intuitive interface and simple usability make these tools essential in the digital transition of businesses. With the right digitization service, adhering to computerized document management will result in better handling of the information accumulated by your company, allow you to obtain data to deal with the market, and provide greater lightness. All this generates, obviously, greater customer satisfaction greater financial efficiency, and a huge competitive advantage.

Advantages of Open Bee’s document management solution

  • Control all your information
    With Open Bee, benefit from a global collaborative platform that allows you to publish, manage, share, validate, retain any type of document (paper, electronic), of any volume.
  • Evolve at your pace
    With Open Bee, you can simply start a project on a service and then progressively add more users and activity processes, covering a wider functional spectrum.
  • Protect sensitive information
    With Open Bee, you benefit from advanced security technology which guarantees an extremely high level of confidentiality.
  • Simplify your information exchanges
    Designed to make it easier for employees to learn, Open Bee’s intuitive interface makes it easy to move between different services.
  • Obtain significant savings
    By giving you the possibility to free yourself from the limitations of paper, Open Bee will offer you a rapid return on investment and a reduction in operating costs.
  • Gain in performance
    Integrating advanced search and workflow engines, Open Bee enables you to speed up validation cycles and access to the information you want, promoting significant productivity gains.
  • Add value to your documents
    Labeled and certified by numerous organizations, the Open Bee solution will give your documents evidential value.
  • Bet on mobility with Open Bee Mobile
    Available for smartphones and tablets, Open Bee’s mobile application gives you access to your business information anywhere, anytime. This way, your employees will gain agility.

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Start today, with Open Bee, to build the digital office of the future – mobile, agile, and secure.

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