Your document approval processes with workflow automation
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Your document approval processes with workflow automation

Streamline your document approval processes with workflow automation

A workflow is a succession of tasks where the documents, information, or any other data is involved and handled in a business process, which always requires at least two people. Those workflows are found in all your departments, whatever the industry of your company, and mostly concern approval processes on documents. Discover workflow automation with Open Bee.


Eradicate the biggest workflow challenges

Because your main goal is to reach top efficiency, you need to have quick replies and get validations on time. But approval workflows when they are done manually and rely on paper documents require a lot of effort and time. Thus, it generates significant extra running costs and unnecessary stress. Besides, with no visibility on the overall process and its progress, it becomes a real challenge to find the right person who will be able to give you the approval or do follow-ups on your requests.

Furthermore, with the new hybrid organization structures and co-workers working remotely, you need now more than ever to be able to run smoothly your workflows even when telecommuting. These new models make it then almost impossible to not convert your business processes to digital.

What does a manual supplier invoice approval workflow entail?

The workflow management system is key

Therefore, to improve productivity within your company and build up better relationships with your professional contacts, your co-workers need to be able to efficiently work on content: which goes by giving quick access to information and simplifying day-to-day tasks.

A workflow management system is exactly the type of tool that can help you automate your approval processes. Most of the time, Document Management Systems offer this type of solution to get an all-in-one solution.

But what does it concretely mean to digitize workflows? Depending on different engines, you have many possibilities to handle and automate all aspects of your approval processes:

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Make document management security a top priority

Every department and co-worker benefit from workflow automation

Thanks to electronic workflows, you automate your processes quickly and simply, at a small cost. You are finally able to drastically reduce the use of paper, nay turn to a 100% paperless office! In addition, you free up staff from time spent on filing, sourcing, and communicating information so they can wisely dedicate it to more added-value missions.

For managers and workflow supervisors, strong workflow management is also a great asset. They can have enhanced visibility on business processes, to see what is happening at each step of the workflow and be more agile.

Want to know what kind of document management processes can be automated with digital workflows? Discover them in our Datasheet right below!

Workflow automation
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