What solutions for compagnies facing new hybrid work structures

What solutions for compagnies facing new hybrid work structures?

After spending months telecommuting, employees are gradually coming back to the office. But as they have experienced a different way of working, with both its benefits and drawbacks, it is undeniable to say that this new mixed-mode structure is becoming the new normal. Besides, enabling a better work-life balance for your employees can be a real booster of productivity. Nevertheless, it not only impacts your business processes but also the tools and equipment of your teams. This means that we need to rethink the way we work and manage, both individually and collectively.

Boost collaboration in both telecommuting and face-to-face environments

Not all employees are equal when it comes to telecommuting or working at the office. It is therefore important to take action to simplify your co-workers’ missions and streamline information sharing. The Open Bee platform helps and allows you to:

Open Bee: a simple and secure solution

The Open Bee global digitization platform ensures the endless improvement of your document processes, whether your teams are working from home, on the go, or at the office. It answers your needs for adaptability, agility, and data protection, thanks to:

The Open Bee platform also requires keying in credentials to connect securely to its environment and offers dual authentication (2FA) to add a level of security. Administrators can remotely define access rights and permissions to documents/folders for each employee for greater confidentiality.

Regular data backup

Your data is backed up over a retention period allowing you to retrieve (in case of a disaster) essential information or to go back to previous versions of your DMS: 14 days for the daily backup, 12 weeks for the weekly, and 24 months for the monthly

A quick and easy kick-off

The Open Bee digitization platform makes its use intuitive and does not require any training of your employees. Based on your processes’ automation and adapted to your business needs, you are able to streamline your document management and simplify the day-to-day work of your employees, by ending time-consuming and cumbersome tasks. Open Bee software fits your working habits to boost change and efficiency naturally.

Don’t let insecurity and unexpected events affect your company’s productivity. Choose a solution that will suit all situations and industries!