Automate your document management processes with Open Bee’s Scan Capture module
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Automate your document management processes with Open Bee’s Scan Capture module

When organizations are starting their digital transformation, they always think at first about dematerialization. Indeed, one of the first objectives is to keep all business documents in an electronic format. But when all of this is done, companies are not even halfway through it yet. Because the main goal of switching to digital is to completely end with manual processes. Thus, now the necessity for firms to stay competitive is to find a way to automate time-consuming work in order to focus on more value-added tasks.

Why is Open Bee Scan Capture a real game-changer for your company’s efficiency?

When combining advanced technologies such as deep and machine learning with semantic analysis, it gives the opportunity to classify and sort documents automatically. Plus, the more data is processed, the smarter it gets. In addition, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) enables to extract key information so that co-workers can save precious time.

But this is more than just about saving time. Indeed, not only the electronic format makes it available for any co-worker allowed to access the document anytime but is also a secure way to store and keep important documentation for the long-term. By significantly reducing long-lasting entry tasks, the risk of errors will also be cut, thus boosting the efficiency and so increasing customers’ satisfaction. As well, our Scan Capture solution can easily be integrated to your other business software (ERP, CRM, etc.).

Discover how it works step-by-step

When automating document management, OpenBee DMS platform enables all your departments to handle content electronically and automatically throughout the whole process:

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Document Capture process

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