Case study: a car rental company streamlines front desk work
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Case study: a car rental company streamlines front desk work

Watch our demo video and discover how a front desk officer in a car rental agency can benefit from Open Bee Document Management System (DMS) and its intelligent capture module. See how automating the capture, recognition, and filing of customers’ documents helps to provide a great service!

Focus on ID documents with Open Bee Scan Capture

Why automating some front desk office processes?

With repetitive day-to-day tasks, front desk officers can easily get bored, which could end in more turnover and error rates. Besides, the different devices required may be far away from the reception and so the customer, making processing time even longer with manual handling, and consequently customer service impoverished.

How to operate Open Bee Capture module in a car rental agency?

In partnership with Fujitsu, the combination of the image scanner fi-800R and Open Bee end-to-end management software helps to automate and simplify some of the front desk officer tasks in just a few steps:

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What does automatic recognition and filing bring to front office clerks?

Streamlines front desk work

As the first contact with the customer is crucial for its global satisfaction, even the slightest improvements will significantly influence the whole customer experience.

When the Open Bee Capture module is combined with the other Open Bee DMS user-friendly features, the relevant information is electronically stored, shared, and accessible in a centralized place. Plus, only an MFP is required, such as a Fujitsu image scanner fi-800R, to seamlessly capture documents. So, the front desk clerk can stay with the customer and focus on providing a great service while reducing mistake probability, processing time and costs, and improving internal communication with other departments. Hence, streamline the whole customer onboarding process and improve team efficiency.

In sum, front desk office process automation increases both customer satisfaction and team performance!

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Enhancing efficiency with Open Bee’s comprehensive suite of features

While the Open Bee Scan Capture module significantly streamlines front desk operations at a car rental company, its full potential is unleashed when combined with other Open Bee functionalities. These integrations not only simplify document management but also revolutionize the entire workflow.

Electronic Document Management Module: This module allows for efficient organization and storage of digital documents. When integrated with Scan Capture, it ensures that all scanned documents are automatically categorized and stored in the right folders. This seamless process reduces manual sorting and filing, leading to a more organized and accessible document system.

Document Lifecycle Management: Managing the lifecycle of documents is crucial in the car rental industry. From rental agreements to customer identification documents, each has its own lifecycle. Open Bee’s Document Lifecycle feature works in tandem with Scan Capture to track and manage these documents from creation to disposal, ensuring compliance and efficient retrieval when needed.

E-Safe for Secure Archiving: Security is paramount, especially when handling personal customer information. The Open Bee E-Safe functionality provides a secure archiving solution for all scanned and processed documents. This ensures that sensitive information, such as personal IDs and contractual documents, is stored securely, with access controlled and monitored, thereby enhancing data security and customer trust.

By integrating these additional features with the Scan Capture module, a car rental company can not only improve its front desk operations but also elevate its overall service quality. This comprehensive approach to document management and processing ensures a smoother, faster, and more secure customer experience, positioning the company as a technologically advanced and customer-centric entity in the competitive car rental market.

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