GITEX Technology week
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GITEX 2021: Building your future with Open Bee technologies


GITEX Technology week

The 41st edition of GITEX TECHNOLOGY WEEK will take place next week in Dubai, from the 17th to the 21st of October!

A great opportunity for visitors from Middle East, Africa, and South Asia to experience the future tech (5G, Future mobility, Cybersecurity & Resilience, AI & Augmented Analytics, Digital Economies, Cloud & Edge Computing) from +4,800 exhibitors.

Open Bee will attend this event as a member of French Auvergne Rhône-Alpes delegation carried out by Minalogic to give you the opportunity to discover and explore our best innovations of 2021!

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On Stand Z6-440, Z6-443 in the Zabeel Hall 6

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Discover Open Bee’s presence at other tech events

Open Bee’s global presence has been making waves in various technology events around the world, and one of its standout appearances was at the GITEX Future Stars event in Dubai. The event, held at the Dubai World Trade Center, showcased Open Bee’s cutting-edge innovations in the field of technology.

GITEX Global tech, the main event that hosts GITEX Future Stars, has become synonymous with Dubai’s status as the capital city of technology. Over the years, GITEX has built a strong reputation and attracted tech giants from all corners of the globe, making it as significant as other renowned tech expos. In the 2021 edition, the focus was on various essential topics such as artificial intelligence, connectivity, cybersecurity, fintech, and more.

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What is The Open Bee platform?

The Open Bee platform helps with digital transformation with modules like:

  • Digital Work Place (Advanced intranet, extranet options that empower collaboration with your ecosystem)
  • Integration (Web services Kit to enable a dynamic integration of Open Bee DMS with your business applications.)
  • Document Management (Multi features DMS engine to manage all your documents in one location)
  • e-Vault (Electronic safe vault built to protect and secure your digital information for decades to come).
  • Documents lifecyle (Find out the document management module’s new features by giving it a lifecycle)
    Designed to suit the most advanced needs, Open Bee simplify the capture, search, sharing, approval, security and legal preservation of your information.

Which business sectors can use Open Bee solutions?