Open Bee API program : Use data more quickly, easily, and efficiently
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Open Bee API program : Use data more quickly, easily, and efficiently

A DMS by itself is isolated, so to get a real advantage from this solution, you should integrate it with your other business software, hence develop data communication between all your applications. API is a great tool to limit manual manipulations and so data errors or time-consuming tasks. With Open Bee, you are able to use APIs to connect your favourite DMS with your CRM, HRIS, ERP, and more.

What does API mean?

API means Application Programming Interface, which is a set of rules that enables two or more applications to connect with each other without human or manual intervention. In Open Bee DMs, our APIs communicate via web services, through simple HTTP requests, to complete basic tasks generating, analysing, modifying, updating, and destroying documents, which are only a few examples of what could be done.

Open Bee developers made it easy to communicate with your DMS

Did you know? 80% of manual actions made in Open Bee can be automated with APIs!

Our developers already indexed a lot of different APIs to enable you to effortlessly integrate Open Bee DMS with your other usual business applications software. With APIs, you can do pretty much anything you want to. It can be allowing your clients to access and download their invoices saved in Open Bee straight from your extranet, for example. Also, if you are frequently onboarding new employees, the new users you create on your Human Resources Information System, or any other business software can be automatically created in Open Bee DMS thanks to form imports. Besides, you can automatically update Open Bee data in your dashboards, either it is for document updates, modifications, repository information, etc.

Otherwise, you also have the possibility to execute simpler tasks such as publishing documents and versions from business apps to Open Bee, viewing customer information stored in Open Bee right from your CRM or just searching documents stored in your DMS from your other business apps, as well as filling users and groups and sync in real time.

As mentioned above, similarly short actions can be performed too: authentication, create a filing category, create documents, push documents to the filing area, executes a task in a workflow, reset user passwords, and so many other possibilities

Top benefits with Open Bee API program

To save time on cumbersome processes and boost your productivity by eliminating information silos between your different business software and applications, start to use Open Bee APIs today!

We developed a proper API program, where you can get support from our dedicated and expert developers to help you to use our APIs, answer your questions, give you some samples and assist you to choose the right API depending on what you need to do.

See what Open Bee DMS can do to simplify your developers’ work and enhance your teams’ efficiency!

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Open Bee API Program

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