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Our E-safe

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Archived in the certified AFNOR NF Software and labeled electronic safe by the FNTC secure storage space OpenBee, your information is guaranteed against any risk of loss, falsification, or destruction.

Preserve the value of your digital documents

  • Host your data in an ultra-secure French Data Center certified ISO/CEI 27001 (sovereign cloud).
  • Keep your documents in an electronic safe component for long-term storage.
  • Implement a calculation and integrity check of your documents.
  • Dynamically affix a timestamp and server stamp that comply with the eIDAS regulation. Our timestamping is based on a timestamp from a qualified third party as defined by the eIDAS regulation.
  • Distribute your payslips in electronic format to all your employees.
  • Comply with legal obligations by keeping your contractual, commercial, HR and financial documents in a probationary format.
  • Monitoring and tracking
  • Physical space gain
  • Documents security

Ensure that your documents are well archived

  • Keep “your company’s memory” with a solution that has obtained the Digital Safe Component certification, certified AFNOR NF Software (NF Z03).
  • Take advantage of a solution developed in strict compliance with the FNTC repository, the national federating organization of probationary archiving.
  • Opt for the destruction of your paper originals and produce reliable digitised copies, in compliance with the NF Z42-026 standard.

Follow our digitalization good practice guidelines for your long-term document’s archiving

Our commitments

NF Software Digital safe component solution
Solution certified AFNOR NF Software Digital safe component solution
hebergement cloud securisé
Dasta hosting in France, in an ISO 27001-certified datacenter

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