The digital management of your documents lifecycle
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The digital management of your documents lifecycle

Documents lifecycle

Optimize your documents management and visibility

Find out the document management module’s new features by giving it a lifecycle.
Bring down your working habits, it has never been easier to sort out your essential documents.

Identify the lifecycle’s key moments

Easily find the documents you have to deal with

In companies, professional documents utility and visibility are constantly evolving, so they have their own lifecycle. Our product offers you a lot of different features to meet this need.

Flexible features

  • Set a lifecycle management rule for a wholeness of documents identified by a folder or a classification rule.
  • Select an activation date of the rule and a time-conservation of the document.
  • Choose people to notify when documents are expired.
  • Track expired documents and make it done by deleting definitively or hiding them.
Documents lifecycle
Documents lifecycle

Document management processes

Optimize your storage space’s volume by deleting your expired documents

  • Free some storage space by deleting your expired documents.
  • Optimize your searching time
  • Improve your accountability documents management (customer and supplier invoices) beyond the expiration date.
  • Make sure users don’t look at or share some expired content.

Improve your GDPR compliance

  • Meet the GDPR’s obligations to make sure about the automatic delete of your personal documents within the deadline given (respecting the resume’s 2-year conservation time, for example)

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Useful Resources

What does the term “documents life cycle” refer to in a business context?

In the realm of business, the “documents life cycle” pertains to the various stages that a document undergoes from its creation to its eventual disposal. This cycle is particularly crucial as it encompasses the creation, use, storage, and final deletion of documents. Different types of business documents, such as those in Human Resources (like resumes and employee records), Legal (including contracts and agreements), and Financial (such as tax invoices and rental bills), each follow this life cycle. They are often governed by specific regulations mandating how long they must be retained before they can be securely disposed of.

How can setting a lifecycle management rule for documents streamline our document management processes?

How does lifecycle management of documents aid in compliance and operational efficiency?

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