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Markets are becoming increasingly competitive and regulated. Electronic document management allows companies and their employees to adapt securely to the new challenges of society.


For private clinics or public hospitals. Discover how the Open Bee DMS and dematerialization solution can simplify the management of health information for all professionals in the medical world.

The world of financial services: banking, insurance or accounting must follow strict regulations. Our solution allows you to simplify the access to documents and the necessary agreements.

Professionals in the field such as real estate agents, notaries… need to quickly find and share all sales and rental files, before automating the validation of your contracts and archiving them in complete security.

In the legal sector, law firms are faced with a large number of exchanged documents (minutes, expert reports, supporting documents, tax returns, KBIS extracts, etc.). It is important to provide employees with a secure solution to optimize the management of business or client files.

Institutions or Public Administrations manage large volumes of documents that need to be made accessible and secure. Discover how Open Bee solutions can save time in the management of incoming mail while respecting the new regulations.

To increase customer satisfaction and operational efficiency, hotels businesses must continually innovate and find better approaches to overcome challenges associated with document sharing and management.

In the world of transport, paper documents are still very present, whether it is for technical data sheets, delivery notes, so many documents that we will be able to digitize and make accessible in complete security on our platform.

Regain space, stay competitive and keep providing the best customer experience: these are some of the main challenges that are faced by car dealerships, rental agencies, repair shops, technical control centers, and any businesses from the automotive sector.

Teachers, researchers, administrations, the whole community can now share documents in a controlled and secure environment. A single digital platform that adapts to all uses. Validate your files remotely, protect your research work.

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Records management is important for companies because it ensures compliance with regulations, stakeholder agreements, and the company’s own retention strategy. By properly managing and retaining business documents based on their type and specific regulations, companies can avoid legal risks and penalties. Electronic-based and automated records management simplifies retention processes, centralizes document storage, enhances security, and enables easy search and retrieval. It also helps reduce costs associated with physical storage space and improves overall efficiency for records managers.

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