DMS software solution for Estate agents
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DMS software solution for Estate agents

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Optimize your agency’s document management!

As a property professional, you need to keep numerous paper documents (correspondence, contracts, inventories, supporting documents, etc.). This requirement is a source of very real issues related to archiving, information sharing and security.

Find out how Open Bee™ Document Management Solution can bring effective responses to all of your issues.

Your information accessible with a single click!

With a DMS Open Bee

Centralize all of your customer and administrative documents at a single point, whatever their original formats (paper, office automation, email, etc.).

File them in an organized tree structure made up of folders and sub-folders, according to the name of the customer, the type of contract (lease, sale, etc.) or the date of signature.

Access all files with ease, whether you are in the office or on the move, with mobile applications.

Facilitate your exchanges

Distribute incoming mail to recipient departments and/or relevant staff members in electronic form, using the touchscreen of your multi-function solution.

Send a document in PDF format to all of your employees with a single click!

Share all information with your customers and partners (solicitors, assessors, surveyors, etc.) in a confidential, secure and simple way.

  • Access to documents while on the move
  • Physical storage space saving
  • Simplified filing of property sale and rental files
  • Reduced document management-related costs
  • Optimized relationships
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Increase your agility with the mobile application!

Rapidly access the latest document versions at any time from your smartphone or tablet.

Integrate photos in a property file on-site.

Present plans, energy performance certificates and other descriptive documents to your customers as you show them around a property.

Our DMS software solution for Estate agents

Find out how Open Bee™ Document Management Solution can bring effective responses to all of your issues.

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What is dematerialization in rental management?

The aim of dematerialization in rental management is to simplify administrative tasks and gather all types of documents required for real estate transactions. Electronic signatures make it possible to sign documents and have them signed without having to go anywhere. This is a considerable advantage not only for customers but also for agents, who benefit from real-time traceability of project progress. The DMS software helps to centralize all documents imported by real estate professionals or by connecting to business solutions.

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