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Access all your customer files in a single click

Improve your customer experience in agencies. Contracts, additional clauses, supporting documents, all of these documents in paper form fill up your archive rooms and becomes a real waste of time.

With Open Bee™, you store all your customer files in an electronic format and retrieve any information instantly. Thanks to highly relevant search modes that are fast and easy to use (title, key words, author, date, content…).

Open Bee DMS is a powerful document management software that also integrates itself to your other banking or business applications and offers in-depth DMS data analysis capabilities.

Centralized information

Centralize the repository of all documents and forms related to your customers, whatever their format (paper, office automation, email, etc.), in a single point.

Improved customer service

Process all customer inquiries more efficiently thanks to automated workflows and forms. Even in agencies, you reduce customer waiting time and thus boost their satisfaction.

Enhanced compliance

Automate documents’ lifecycle management and create specific filing rules to keep sensitive financial data secure and the requested amount of time.

File your contracts and applications with ease

With our intelligent capture engine, you capture information and extract associated metadata automatically. Thanks to the multiple filing options, you also enable advanced data classification to your DMS or other business apps.

File them in an organized tree structure made up of folders and sub-folders, according to the name of the customer, the type of policy (car, home, etc.) or the date of signature.

Configure who can access specific documentation or information within your platform. Then easily share them with your co-workers, customers, and partners whatever the size of your file.

Access all customer files with ease, whether you are in the office or on the move, with mobile applications for iOS and Android devices.

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Improve your customer experience both online and in agencies

Don’t keep the customer waiting – find a contract on your computer in a matter of seconds, with the policy number or the name of the provider, collect their inquiries and process them smoothly.

Implement configurable serial or conditional workflows to enhance claims, complaints and approval processes. Thanks to a graphical, drag and drop, 100% web based process designer and sophisticated rule engine.

Receive alerts automatically for important deadlines, such as contract renewals and complete tasks that are assigned to you in just one click.

Ensure your financial information security

Thanks to a solution hosted on ISO 27001 certified datacenters.

Manage permissions to ensure the complete privacy of all your exchanges inside and outside your organization. Then add an extra protection according to individual permissions, such as the eyes-only feature, to avoid information leakage.

Make private online workspaces for your external or internal professional sphere, where you can collaborate in a secure way.

Data processed in Open Bee is always encrypted both at rest and in transit. Besides it is also being backed-up daily to simplify data recovery in case of a disaster.

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