Paperstream Capture Pro
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PaperStream Capture Pro

A Fujitsu technology integrated with our DMS

Fujitsu Fi scanner

Convert your paper documents to searchable content

The power of Open Bee is also about enabling to integrate itself smoothly with your other business applications. In collaboration Fujitsu and its PaperStream Capture pro software, our new feature revolutionizes the combination use of your Open Bee DMS and Fi scanners.

Scan, index, and release

PaperStream Capture Pro, integrated with Fujitsu Fi scanner series, is a front-end capture software that enables you to boost your document management processes. With this software using zonal OCR technology, you can seamlessly scan, extract, organize and index key metadata from any document format whether it is paper or electronic, while guaranteeing a high-quality image. Well-suited for every paper and data intensive department whatever your industry, your teams do not need to spend time on inspecting incoming documents by quickly automating the entire document capture process, thus they improve their efficiency and productivity.

capture pro

Make your Fujitsu scanners smoothly communicate with Open Bee DMS

By combining the use of Fujitsu scanners and Open Bee DXP, you improve the communication inside your organization and avoid information silos between your favorite business applications. To help you to successfully get rid of paper and perfect your digital transformation, our teams have developed a brand-new connector to PaperStream Capture pro.

The PaperStream Capture Connector for Open Bee DMS allows integration of Fujitsu’s capture solution with Open Bee DMS by collecting the extracted metadata to automatically store documents according to these metadata. Thanks to its easy and quick installation, you can freely enjoy from its various classification options; either your want to archive it in a specific folder, filing zone or according to a pre-set filing rule.

Benefit from a limitless world with Fujitsu and Open Bee

This end-to-end solution is real opportunity for your business to reduce its process costs and time while increasing productivity, compliance, and the whole process quality. In three steps, you streamline your routine scanning operations for an efficient data management:

1 – Capture metadata from anywhere with a simple or advanced index extraction

2 – The PaperStream Capture Connector for Open Bee makes the bridge between Fujitsu’s capture solution and your favorite DMS

3 – Structure files into folders, easily search and retrieve information and securely share or approve documents with Open Bee DMS

Flexible and free, your teams will be able to use it with any Fujitsu Fi scanner and from any device!

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