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Recognition, indexation, and classification

Smooth and speed up your documents capture

Offering an unrivalled automation, Open Bee’s capture software applications enables you to smartly classify and index any document format, from paper to electronic.

Integrate both your paper and electronic documents

Organize their integration into your business processes

  • Integrate any document type from any location: scan, multifunction device (MFD), mail server, business applications, Microsoft Office, …
  • Benefit from a wide range of advanced recognition technologies: OCR, Barcode, QR Code, LAD/RAD, semantic analysis algorithms, Database Look Up, machine learning and deep learning, …
  • Embed the Open Bee technology at the heart of your multifunction device and use new features directly from the touch screen (more info).
  • Capture important information from your documents for smart filing and renaming in your Open Bee document management system.
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Boost your business management processes

  • Automate the way you communicate incoming documents to your employees.
  • Aggregate your content into a single point.
  • Transform your information into usable data.
  • Dynamically initiate business processes from data captured within your documents.
  • Eliminate paper in your exchanges and optimize your profitability.

Access multi-document capture remotely

The Open Bee capture solution integrates with a 100% cloud-based platform

  • Benefit from super-fast implementation.
  • Simplify the application maintenance of your Open Bee software solution.
  • Enhance the security of your exchanges by end-to-end encryption of data transferred.
  • Guarantee your business processes continuity, even remotely.
  • Ease access to your data by centralizing your information.

A question about our document capture software?

On premise or in Cloud, benefit from the most adapted solution for your company by being advised by our consultants.

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Can Open Bee Capture recognize different types of documents?

Yes, Open Bee Capture can automate the extraction and classification of all types of structured and semi-structured documents, enhancing recognition to optimize processing.

How does Open Bee Capture organize documents?

How does Open Bee Scan Capture work with incoming documents?

What are the benefits of automating document management with Open Bee?

Can Open Bee Scan Capture be connected to existing business software?

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