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Optimize your organization’s documents management!

Regain space, stay competitive and keep providing the best customer experience: these are some of the main challenges that are faced by car dealerships, rental agencies, repair shops, technical control centers, and any businesses from the automotive sector. With the amount of paper documents, they process every day such as warranty claims, repair orders, title & lease applications, or maintenance records, automotive businesses need to digitize their document management processes.

Free up space

Get rid of filing cabinets and paper documents taking a lot of space and cut on extra paper-related costs.

Maintain regulatory compliance

Automatically generate audit trails and keep the traceability on financial or customer sensitive data, which are also securely stored in a single place.

Improve operational efficiency

Save precious time by avoiding manual cumbersome tasks, such as searching for information or analyzing customer’s paper form.

Make your sales team more efficient

Automatically scan and file all your customers’ sales documents (contracts, supporting documents, etc.) in a single space in PDF format.

Access important information anytime, whether you are on site or on the go.

Enhance your customer presentations with a modern, intuitive, and yet easy-to-use application!

Distribute information in electronic forms to all employees concerned daily, and significantly reduce your printing volumes and costs.

Improve external communication by sharing documents with your customers and business partners in an instant, and consequently increase customer loyalty and supplier relationships.

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Increase the productivity of your After Sales service support and workshop

Centralize all documents related to your after-sales files (new and second-hand vehicles) in a secure platform where you can choose specific permissions to employees.

Provide your technicians with mobile access to all technical documentation, which can be consulted directly on a tablet.

Avoid time-wastage related to filing and searching for documents, as well as the risk of mistakes and costs related to the flow of documents between various divisions and branches.

Centralize all your HR information in a single point

File all documents exchanged with your employees, whatever their origin (HR IT system, email, Word, paper, etc.), in an organized tree structure made up of folders and sub-folders.

Set up an HR document portal to share your information (electronic payslips, in-house regulations, etc.) with your employees.

Maintain regulatory compliance and automatically generate audit trails.

Get important or pressing documents signed in minutes, even if your employee is not on site.

Protect yourself from obsolescence and the loss of documents!

Our solutions for your automotive businesses

Find out how Open Bee™ solutions can help you to optimize the management of your documents!

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What are digital forms in the car industry?

Digital forms are electronic versions of traditional paper forms used by rental agencies, repair shops, car dealerships, and garages. They streamline the process of collecting customer information, following up on vehicles, and other car-related tasks.

How do paper forms affect productivity in the car industry?

What are the benefits of using digital forms?

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