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Optimize your organisation’s document management ! 

Updating, filing and communication of sales and technical documentation, application of company quality procedures, quality and accurateness of information exchanged with customers: these are some of the main challenges that are faced by the car industry and car dealerships in particular.

Showroom – Sales team 

Easily file all of your customers’ sales documents (contracts, supporting documents, etc.) in a single space in PDF format.

Enhance your customer presentations with a modern and intuitive application !

Distribute information in electronic form to all employees concerned on a daily basis, and significantly reduce your printing volumes and costs.

  • Modern image for your organisation
  • Centralized filing of all information
  • Fast access to all documents
  • Increased productivity
  • Optimization of supplier relations

After Sales Service – Workshop

Centralize all documents related to your after-sales files (new and second-hand vehicles).

Provide your technicians with mobile access to all technical documentation, which can be consulted directly on a tablet.

Avoid time wastage related to filing and searching for documents, as well as the risk of mistakes and costs related to the flow of documents between various divisions and branches.

Centralize all of your HR information at a single point

File all documents exchanged with your employees, whatever their origin (HR IT system, email, Word, paper, etc.), in an organised tree structure made up of folders and sub-folders.

Set up an HR document portal to distribute all of your information (electronic payslips, in-house regulations, etc.) among your employees.

Protect yourself from obsolescence and the loss of documents !

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