Healthcare establishments

Healthcare establishments

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Healthcare establishments

Reports, admission requests, medical questionnaires, these are all examples of paper documents that your personnel have to manage on a daily basis. Furthermore, you are faced with legal requirements related to the keeping of medical files.

Improve your employees’ productivity

Scan and automatically file all of the paper documents making up your patient files.

Archive them in a secure way thanks to the encryption of data sent and archived.

Enable healthcare personnel to make faster decisions while being better informed.

  • Rapid searches of clinical data
  • Increased productivity for the archiving of patient files
  • Access to patient files while on the move
  • medical software

Provide real-time access to personal medical files

Give medical staff immediate access (24/7) to personal medical files.

Search for and identify documents according to their type (medical examination, questionnaire, release document, etc.) or by keywords contained within (patient name, social security number, etc.).

Consult documents on your desktop computer, as well as touchscreen tablet/mobile devices while moving between departments or treating patients.

Manage customized projects

Use a comprehensive range of Webservices in REST format to connect your business software with the Open Bee™ document portal.

Benefit from the expertise of our consultants to interface our scan solutions with your business software.

Entrust us with your specific development projects to enjoy customised integration.

  • healthcare team application

Our solutions for your department

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