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Boost document management processes 

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To increase customer satisfaction and operational efficiency, hotels businesses must continually innovate and find better approaches to overcome challenges associated with document sharing and management.

Open Bee™ digital solutions help Hotels, restaurants streamline their critical business operations by eliminating process bottlenecks created by paper.

Centralized and secured information

Hospitality businesses receive a huge amount of data each day. A decentralized and paper-based system makes it even more challenging to efficiently process documents without losing information. Keep all relevant and sensitive data in one single and secure place for all your documents (scanned-paper, emails, electronic files, etc…) and give your teams a constant access to business information, whether they are on site or on the go.

Simplified capture and filing of records

Staff still handle paper documents, but not only (Microsoft files, videos/pictures, etc…). Managers must find a solution that allow them to manage any type of document, while continuously adapting to the company’s business processes. Open Bee intelligent capture module  automates the recognition and filing of any incoming document, to extract relevant metadata and ease their processing.

Enhanced customer satisfaction

It remains essential in a competitive sector like hospitality to focus on more added-value tasks, such as focusing on customers’ experience and increasing their loyalty.
Use eForms available right from Open Bee mobile application to enhance interaction with customers, and so their satisfaction.  Perfect for filling cleaning checklists when preparing a guest’s room for example.

Improve collaboration between departments

Enable all your hotel departments to file their paper and digital documents into a central repository and get a global and quick access to records, regardless of location.

Offer your sales department a fast and secure way to share online all documents regarding corporate event planning (contracts, agenda, booking forms, menus…) with other department such as F&B, Rooms Management… and vendors (florists, musicians, photographers…)

Route easily electronic workflows with co-workers for approval, information, processing, whether they are on site or working remotely. ie:  send documents to clients for electronic signing or assign tasks to the staff with deadlines.

Secure & preserve sensitive data

From financial records, to customers’ private information or Health and Hygiene forms, Open Bee keeps your important documents safe and instantly available for examination by tax officials, auditors, shareholders, and other authorized persons. Indeed, you can assign specific levels of authorizations on documents/files to the people you are sharing information with.

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Improve Operational efficiency

  • Scan and extract relevant information from any incoming document with automated capture and recognition,
  • Retrieve and access documents in minutes, on site or on the go,
  • Save space previously allowed to physical storage,
  • Automate the filing of customer, financial, records and more,
  • Reduce costs related to physical archiving (drawers, filings cabinets, ink and paper, time spent in manual and paper processing, etc…),
  • Streamlines business processes to boost co-workers’ efficiency and productivity,
  • Improve customers’ loyalty by providing a better guest experience.

Easily integrate to other business software

To take a step further, Open Bee DMS can be linked to other hospitality management software. Indeed, the integration of a document management system with already existing business applications can help staff to get rid of information silos and bottlenecks.
Besides, Open Bee also has its own mobile application, so you can fill in forms or view any document right from your smartphone. 

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