Open Bee™ for Hotels

Improve customers satisfaction and operational efficiency

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Make your field team more efficient

To increase customer satisfaction and operational efficiency, hotels businesses must continually innovate and find better approaches to overcome challenges associated with document sharing and management.

Open Bee™ digital solutions help Hotels, restaurants streamline their critical business operations by eliminating process bottlenecks created by paper.

Secure & preserve information 

From financial records, to customers’ private information or Health and Hygiene forms, Open Bee keeps your important documents safe and instantly available for examination by tax officials, auditors, shareholders, and other authorized persons.

  • Access to documents while on the move
  • Physical storage space saving
  • Simplified filing of customers and financial records
  • Reduced document management-related costs
  • Increase process efficiency and productivity

Improve Collaboration between departments

Enable all your hotel departments to file their paper and digital documents into a central repository and get a global and quick access to records, regardless of location.

Offer your sales department a fast and secure way to share online all documents regarding corporate event planning (contracts, agenda, booking forms, menus…) with other department such as F&B, Rooms Management… and vendors (florists, musicians, photographers…)

Improve Customers Loyalty

Use Open Bee™ mobile technology to profile your guests at every hotel interaction : restaurant, concierge, check-in, room service, etc.

Take your paper checklists digital and perform more room inspections in less time.

Improve Operational efficiency

Automate your Accounts Payable process and Remove paper and make sure that all outstanding invoices from suppliers are efficiently approved, processed, and paid.

Cut down on the time spent processing, filing, and retrieving invoices.

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